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June Of 44

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Lyrics to The Dexterity Of Luck
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said 'i don't mean to shock ya,
but i'm gonna tell ya 'bout my chakra,
and about the accidental conception
of the particle board for ya...OK Now uh..

she's punch drunk, .....abbrieviated
outside the passenger window
an open mouth in the form of a butterfly catching net
the stars see her cold black eyes
just above the belly of texas

she says 'i'm gonna get some opinion and im
going to put it in ya
watch you foam at the mouth
and try and sing today
it's impossible to gauge the path
of a reciprocal conversation
we'll just pass the exit to bombay
first mile reminiscent of a flock of snow geese
landing on a glass pond

she says one last thing
hey wait a minute, just one last thing
dont forget to pick the needle up off the lockgroove

its impossible to gauge the belly of texas!
.....conversation....butterfly catching net
cold black eyes landing on a glass pond
accidental conception
abbrieviated outside the passenger window
she said one last thing
yeah just one last thing
don't forget to pick the needle up off the lockgroove

[These lyrics are not exact, but they are VERY close]
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