The Desert Won't Save You Lyrics

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Lyrics to The Desert Won't Save You
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Ain't got no money for your pretty things
Don't need no pity just listen to me
Girl you got taste but you got lyin eyes
There's a strong desert wind
And its creepin, creepin in
Across the waves across the sky

The taste, on your lips
feel the blood drip down to your open hands
Her eyes, witches eyes
They'll steal the only soul that you've ever known

As we walk down this desert road
Feel the sun leech life from my bones
We both know, there's no turning back

As the vultures fly overhead
Ah they're circlin' circlin' the dead
Place your blame down, no one's goin home

Evenings dawn spread across the tapestry of the sky
Watchful eyes, never knowing quite what they mean
Careful footseps on the waking of the dawn

Oh this is the season of, my prime
We're gonna lay her down in the sands of time
Oh baby please you know I'm with you all way
Don't doubt me now, not another day
Oh sister please, you know I hear you call
I'm gonna lay you down, ah baby now
Oh people please won't you hear me call
I'll lay you down, oh sister now, oh baby now

They ain't comin' for me, ah babe
Our time has come, just let me be
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