The Depths Lyrics



Lyrics to The Depths
Heart racing you don’t know where you are
You can feel the eyes are watching you
But don’t know how far, you’ll have to

Run from it light is fading to black
And you know it’s coming for you coward
Set to attack, the darkness

Feeds off you knowing you’ll never win
And you feel the fear it’s growing
Time to retreat within, because it’s

Impossible you’re tired and weak
No matter what you do you’re stuck
These depths are hollow and bleak

This silence paralyzing crushing waves of despair
Slowly it eats away your mind cannot comprehend
Isolation from this world is all I have left
They talk but there’s no comfort
Words from the ones who care

Darkness surrounds me I won’t let it in
Demons they dance, when will this end?
Follow me down to the depths where they reign
Ripped from the light again

The depths consume all
And give nothing back
Down in this hole
Fall through the black once again

Cry Out, Cry Out.

Cry out in pain this fading light
Extinguished help denied

Claws, they tear knives through my
Soul, blood runs so cold
I, will drown in darkness slowly these cracks begin to show
This, rage grows inside me, lash out at all those that I hold close
Hate, myself for all the things i’ve done to keep composed

Shadows reflection of my mind
Regret it blinds
Twisted archetype

And in time I come to find
This hell made in my mind
Was all for nothing

When I break these chains
They’ll fall beneath me
Tonight, Tonight they will fall

As the black sun rises
The Sky, The sky will cry blood
I’ll reap what you have sewn
Songwriters: Daniel Ralph, James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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