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Lyrics to The Deceived Ones
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Bowing down to an angel cast out by god Worshipping a deceitful enemy Who's laughing at their pride in following him Considering everyone to be merely human pigs Under his cunning and evil eyes [Chorus:] A multitude is in total chaos Knowing not the deceived ones that they are Asking for power, richness and desire The price that they must pay Is their souls thrown into a cauldron of fire By being weak and blind The fools disrespect the Christian houses of god They are the opposite of all that is holy Locked in cages of sins How can they reject the creator of all living things The almighty god hears the prayers from holy priests And Christians alike, forgiveness for them is at hand But curses shall fall upon those that refuse to repent [Lead, Lead] God's only begotten son was scourged, mocked and put To death and resurrected on the third day Proved his powers to demonstrate How goodness always prevails Followers of damnation march on in their darkest ways Falling to see and admit the truth tha christ left for us today [Repeat chorus]

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