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Lyrics to The Day You Walk Away
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And so you are leavingYou've closed the door behind youAnd for the first time I'm on my ownIf you should walk awayA trail of footprints you'd leave on the snow covered streetThat I will follow; to bring you homeSnow feel on the day you cameAnd ever since I prayFor snow to fall the day you walk awayI've tried to be good to youThe love that I gave you; you threw it awayBut I would try to start again and againIt's hard to believe inA love as fragile as a flowerAs a candle that burns for an hourBut I need to believe in you(Refrain)If you should walk awayI'd follow you until the end of timeI'd find you wherever you'd be and I'd bring you backHome again ... I would bring you back home againSnow fell on the day you cameAnd I have seen todayThat snow fell just before you walked away

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