The Day I Get Over You Lyrics

Edyta Gorniak

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Lyrics to The Day I Get Over You
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The Day I Get Over You Somebody tell me, How can I mend this hole in my heart. Your love could fill me, So who's keeping us apart. You fanned the fire, Until our love, Was reachin' higher, Than heaven's how? How can you say, I will get over you. When dreams won't come true. Deliver me to, The day I get over you. I need to find a way. Black is a rain cloud, Gold is the sunshine shinin' through. You are my rainbow, Why is my heart so blue. I'm filled with sorrow. Don't know If I could face tomorrow, Without your how? How can you..... I'm not giving up, I swear I'll find, Someone who really cares, Someone who will be there. My heart will heal with time, I'm almost there. How can you..... Music & Lyrics: G. Merrill S. Rubicam P. Sheyne

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