The Day After Yesterday Lyrics

Red Animal War

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Lyrics to The Day After Yesterday
The Day After Yesterday Video:
something is on my mind right now
reason being, reason pending
is that our past is now telling me how
how to live my life or deaden my life
my story, your tragedy is handing me very few insights
i lost my train of thought
and that train doesn't seem to stop
so i throw on the brakes (breaks)
like your life is at stake, and i realize its not me
and that's been my tragedy
so i'll leave it here today
(so i left it here today)
tomorrow has left it here today
right here, right now
and i'm now letting me leave this in my way
you can't negotiate this age old war of deception
so i took the stand and all of it
we've gone our seperate ways
"ours" as in my play
so let this cold play be the way that i have seen
and please come be my guest
and realize it's for the best
realize it's for the rest
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