The Dawn Of The Antichrist Lyrics


The Light-devouring Darkness

Lyrics to The Dawn Of The Antichrist
The Dawn Of The Antichrist Video:
Twilight arsonist, the mutinous seraphim torching flames
ascending heavenwards from the abyss of the graves
Illuminating the passageways of most passionate desire
The hog-headed god shall fall from the heaven

The storm of the black triangle closing and rising
The beast dwells in the eye of the storm of damnation
Eve of dead souls, the black moon reels over the horizon
Behold the eclipse of mankind, the eternal midnight
Let the holy plague reign at the revelation onslaught
The dusk of four headless angels, weakened and lost
The clergy whipped on bended knees in the preparation
The final mass of the reborn Antichrist prevails
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