Lyrics to The Dark
The Dark Video:
Edgar Allen Poe had it
In his tell tale heart
It's the finest time to strike
Said Napolean Bonaparte

Inmates make their break into it
Cavemen make their art
Spy planes fly and spelunkers hunker
Somewhere in the dark

Batman catches criminals in the dark of night
Saving Gotham City from evil designs
Darkness, lovers love in and
Dreamers tend to like
And if you think you're neither one
Well, in the dark, that's just what
You might become

Some celestial bodies like to
Strut their stuff alot
But we know Mr. Black Hole is the
Big boy on the block

King Tut looked pretty comfy
In that old dark tomb
What's good for an Egyptian mummy
Might be right for you

What's the fun relying on something you can see?
That's just so passe when you run toward the light
Why not make a dangerous tryst with mystery?
It's a downright frightening hole
Watch your head
Down you go

Larry lost his inhibitions
Sally felt a spark
Jacob saw a mystic vision
Somewhere in the dark

Black cats eke out a descent living
Monsters make it far
You might find what you've been missing
Somewhere in
The Dark
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