Lyrics to The Dark Half
The Dark Half Video:
Hole burned into the sky Next to nothing into it you fly Turn around found no narrow escape Stuck inside burcratic red tape Look towards the white light of desire It's a trick in hell there's only fire Pain and suffering is good for your well being Turmoil and anguish is all you're seeing Breathing arsenic and death sute into your lungs That fat bitch has already sung Your doom is a flaming corpse chard and scorched You pissed them off and you got torched Seems your opinion of life's rewards was off set As you sit as Bealzabub's Pet Bark...Bark...Bark...Bitch Bark...Bark...Bark...Bitch Bark...Bark...Bark...Bitch Bark you fucking dog A g rated cartoon plays your twisted tune A personal hell at the sanatarium Blah Blah Blah you bite off your tongue Hells bells have been rung Another dose Another pill Another image, another 24 to kill Another weak sister, another mind twister Another overdosed, comatose, ego strungout star Welcome my fools to the Dark Half On my time you shall never laugh Never be happy Never show feelings Who dares to rise before me, on your knees dog Start kneeling! Trechery and tricky, a theme, a scheme A Master of illusion Have you come to this conclussion? Wait! You're gonna die, be born, die, be born DIE! I don't even want to hear your cries! Welcome my friend to your hell that never ends The Dark Half you shall be sent Into a bubbling cauldron Save the children Hell awaits, evil dominants A submissive society which bows down And feeds the Dominant Man around town!

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