Lyrics to The Crukster
The Crukster Video:
You're ever in doubt about this world, with eyes cast in deep frown. Wheels of turbulence abound after sweet innocence. But no, not sweet innocence; just a bright color.

A color so purposefully painted, yet will not cover the stain, nor stop the pounding brain.
There is no shelter.

There is no shelter for eyes that see, troubled, stumbling to be, but condemned.

For to realize and suffer, that is the penalty for you, me.
No sound can open their eyes, nor vision bring reality to gloom, darkness.

But don't sit at ease. Though the day is cold, the searing gap may weld.
And once again, while dew is wet, a bright color will cover that pain til silence is set.

And then once again, you can hear Hell's heat.
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