Lyrics to The Crown
Riding pass and the glass all tinted
On the wall in the back with my squad all in it
All the gas, couple laughs, just to start when I visit, yeah
Just make sure I [?] when I dip
They gon' [?] I sip
When I'm down [?] by the pound
[?] where I'm bound
Off the ground, look at where I found a golden crown

Look at me, I found a crown in the debris
Dust it off, looked down, was it meant for me?
Not no Burger King crown, no cheese
So I threw it on, see if it fits around my dome piece
[?] lowkey
By mistake I can't be in this [?]
[?] I got it for free
Whether you see it or not, shit, I got it on me
(The crown that is)