Lyrics to The Cost
The Cost Video:
As the sun sets behind the sea, we lay in our beds.
Wrestling, quarreling with the questions in our heads.
Fear pillages and rapes my mind. I see it looking over me.

Feel the fear... The fear of failure.
Feel the fear of emptiness.
Feel the fear of a promised death hanging over our heads.
Feel the fear of it all crashing down.
Feel the fear.

Trudging, toiling, looking for some hope and in time we'll know.
Finding no rest, more sleepless nights. Holding tight to comforts of your wasted life. Shed your fear.
What is the cost of living?
Shed your fear.
Will you pay the price?

Digging for truth.
Quest for a calling, to ransom back the dead. Seeking the truth inside.
Reaching for a bloodied hand.
Shed the fear.
Condemned to a martyr's death
I would gladly lose my life for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Hear me now. If this be my final hour.
With my last breath.
No more fear.
No more emptiness left in here.
No more fear.
I shed the fear of a promised death.
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