The Correlation Lyrics

Hour Of 13

Hour Of 13

Lyrics to The Correlation
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Broken cross by hidden hand
The reckoning of the watchman
The forebears of deceit
Prepare the order for defeat
Measure tragedy in markings
Masked within the hours to be
Calender of time the keeps harking
Fulfillment of the prophecy

Mars in ingress and days of whole
Passage is now to cross thresholds
Equate amount into effect
Arrange the cause to be correct

Godless enemy of Christians
And all under the dogmatic lead
Pandemonious in explose
Arithmetic apostasy

Into Equinox
Bleed into the earth
Five hundred fifty five
Hopeful till its birth

An end at the Beltane
Purified in transition to the sum of forty two
The greatest gift be given
Malevolent the illuminati
Nepharious in secret society
Mysterious esoteric faction
Exact amount into chaotic action
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