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Lyrics to The Contortionist
The Contortionist Video:
Call me Kevin, Chris or Johnny, George,
whatever you choose
I'm in disguise telling lies
I got nothing to lose
You were looking out
for number one
Just having fun
You thought that
you could dump me
by the road when you were done
Just watch your back
You're leaving tracks
'cause you got mud on your shoes

'cause baby there is something you have missed
You've been playing a contortionist

And I'm coming after you
I'm coming after you

Hey for a second there,
you almost had me all figured out
You've read the book a hundred times
You don't know what it's about
I bet that you would love to know
how this will all end up
I'll let you know when I decide
that you have had enough
There's still a chapter missing
You'll just have to wait and find out

I bet you never thought when we first kissed
You'd be in bed with a contortionist

and I'm coming after you
I'm coming after you
It's true

The screws are starting to turn
The knots are coming untied
I'm coming out of my shell
I'm coming for you tonight
Don't bother locking the door
'cause I'm already inside
I'm closing in on you now
You can run, you can't hide
you can't hide

I'm coming after you
I'm coming after you
I've got you in my crosshairs now
hey now
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