Lyrics to The Commute
The Commute Video:
Bleeding from the pores in this mosquito melee summer
At least something is alive and thriving in our darkest hour
Stray dogs are sleeping infested in the shade of a dumpster
Dripping mildew smell from a window unit air conditioner

Glassy boiling air is shimmering on the oily concrete
Sticky rubber soles and tires melt like steaming ice cream
Citronella candles are burning like a beacon of hope
The HOV lane is flowing going to take us home

Where the sun is snuffing out and sneaking behind privacy fences
Where kids are diving off of roofs and underwater kissing
And they're tapping at your window at midnight and sneaking you out
To the park by your house where the sun never goes down

But the summer, it passes from you
And it never shines as bright
So you sleep all afternoon
And chase nostalgia all night

We took the train to Woodley Park
So we could drink at five o'clock
And we emptied glasses on the bar
'till the smoke it filled up every pore
And we tumbled out onto the street
And we elbowed through the town's elite

And the moon was hanging from my eyelids
I drifted in and out of conscious
I dreamed a taxicab could take us
Back to summer's hazy places
A party full of all our friends
Was folded up inside my head

But I woke up on a vinyl Metro seat
In the suburbs where my loneliness could sleep
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