Lyrics to The Closer
The Closer Video:
Beer can stumblin’ in the wind down Metropolitan
I’m all over the place
Trying to walk like nothing’s happening
Lonesome goats like me
We got more balance than cheese on an onion ring
Beer can stumblin’ down the street with clam shell eyes

Broke heart mumbling to the street down Berry Street and then
I walk a crooked line tryin’ to act like nothing’s happening
Bar-B-Q chips like me
We’re a hot spot of jelly inside your Krispy Kreme
Broke heart mumbling
Tellin’ ole God he’s a honey baked ham

Here comes a feeling
And there it goes
Everybody knows that I’m light on my toes
Them Northside Angels are the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
(Says me!)

Here comes a lady
And there she goes
Everybody knows where the wild wind blows
I put a Mississippi pickle in your Brooklyn buns for free
(That’s me!)

Beer can stumblin’ in the wind down Metropolitan
I got a frozen toe
Walking home like nothing’s happening
Country moons like me
We got more fun than a flash fried chicken wing
Beer can stumblin’ with a song in my heart through the coconut snow
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