Lyrics to The City
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Ahhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh As a child on the farm I was warned of the wiles of the city Of that demon disguise There's the dirt in the skies of the city Well they say the proximity warps their minds 'Til they're shooting one another just pass the time And we live it appears Both in spite and in fear of the city Oooohhh, ooohhhh yeah Oooohhh I was constantly told How our lives were controlled by the city How they keep us in debt With the trends that they set it's a pity Now the beautiful people in the magazines Got the normal ones living beyond their means And the things that they said Made me go in my head to the city Oooohhh Ahhhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh When I finally came There's some things still the same in the city You still lie under the thumb Of the rich and the young and the pretty Well they weren't much different than we might act If there was that many others that closely packed It's an ancient idea But it struck me so clear in the city Oooohhh, ooohhhh yeah Oooohhh, ooohhhh yeah Oooohhh Ahhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh Ah, ahhhhhh "I'd like to do a song that was written about a good friend of mine down in Key West, Florida, where I spend a little bit of time. This particular friend of mine ran a bar in Key West for a long time before we got fed up with all the other alternatives to politicians and elected our favorite bartender mayor. Our mayor's name is Captain Tony Tarascino, has a little place called Captain Tony's Saloon where we wrote a little song called Last Mango in Paris, not to be confused with that movie by a similar title."

Songwriters: MCANALLY, LYMAN C. JR.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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