The Chronic (Intro) Lyrics

Dr. Dre

The Chronic

Lyrics to The Chronic (Intro)
The Chronic (Intro) Video:
This is dedicated ta da niggaz dat been down from day one
Welcome to Death Row
Like we always do about this time
Ha ha ha yeah
Death Row Records
Creepin' while ya sleepin'
Niggaz wit attitudes
Naw low
Niggaz on a muthafickin' mission
What up niggaz and niggetz
That crazy-ass nigga'z back
In da muthafuckin' hizzales
The notorious Comptin G
Here's a solo tip
Fuck da muthafoes
What up Dre
Drop da cronic plates on yo ass be-ach
Westcoast flavor
Niggaz dat talk shit
Get delt wit real quick
So if you wanna take a trip to da row
Let a nigga like Snoop Doggy Dogg know
Protected by niggaz wit big dicks, A.K.'s, and 187 skills
So if it's mushy testers
We can handle it in da streets nigga
Fuck makin' records
G's up hoes down
If dat bitch can't swim
She bound da drizzound
Peace to my nigga Drizzae
Another platinum hit nigga
Peace to da D.O.C.
Still make it funky enough
And Death Row records is in full muthafuckin' afizzel
Oh Yeah
P.S. Fuck Mr. Warkentatoo
A.K.A. Jerry and Easy
Sincirly yours
Deez muthafuckin' millhouse
I don't love Easy
I don't love Jerry
I don't love niggaz records
Frankly I don't love Dogg and Dr. Dizzle
But you know what I whant you da do for me
Very easy
Check this shit out right here
I want y'all ta put deez brizzoes
In ya jizzoes
And walk um like a strizzoe
Tell me what ya sizzoe
Y'all know what
Fuck all y'all
Fuuck y'all
And Dr.
He's Death Row nigga
You better ask somebody
You really better ask somebody
Yeah nigga
You'ze a penguin lookin' muthafucka!

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