Lyrics to The Chosen One
The Chosen One Video:
Just take my hand and mark my words
Follow your insanity
We're going to rule for eternity

If I was the king of the world
A queen, a throne, a crown
If the stars spelled out our name
Shine in fortune and fame
Would you stay by my side
or would we never be the same?
'Cause if our hearts collide
I will be dancing in the flames.

Oh baby, come on, take my hand
This is our chance to be on top of the world
Only you and me and our insanity
This deadly notebook is everything we'll need.

I can't promise you I'm going to love you someday
But I give you my word your sacrifice won't be in vain
My heart is a castle built high up in the air

Gods of Death, do you hear me whisper?
I'm taking this over now.
I am justice. You get the picture?
What goes around comes back around.

Girl, just take my hand and mark my words
Follow your insanity, we're going to rule for eternity
We're going to take over this whole world
Forever they're going to be calling us king and queen
Just you and me, just you and me
We're going to cleanse this world from everything that's wrong
And when it's done, and when it's done
We can finally continue to move on

I am a phantom with a superior mind
Killing from a distance, I'm one of a kind
Follow my kingdom and you won't get hurt
I am the God who'll create a new world

Still I fail to seek this certain thrill I need
The cynic that's inside of me makes everything so sweet.


A new century will begin - right now
My will is going to be law.

Lay down beside me, watch the stars spell our names
So we'll take these wings, take them and fly away.

Either you follow my lead,
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