The Ceiling's Coming Down Lyrics

Jaded Teenager

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Lyrics to The Ceiling's Coming Down
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Look out for the falling bricks
The pennies from this high rise
Will go right through the skin and bone
And fall straight between your eyes
The moon will rise and fall
The son will overthrow his father
To get his crown and gain his throne
But why should he even bother?

The hands on your watch fail
To even move and tell the time
The bells in your watchtower
Lack motivation to chime
The result of this ordeal
Will be found to matter little now
The bearer of the truth has got the power
But you might be asking how?

You see that
There's no one around
to hear your screaming
You're dreaming
this isn't really happening

You know that
It shows up
Through the mask you're wearing
Not sharing
These feelings, the ceiling's coming down

The cracks in this foundation
Represent what's wrong with our streets
When the ticks of the clock of existence
Are in harmony with your heartbeats
A day not ordinary
A time we all can grow to hate
Our eyes are wide, our muscles tense
Even though we cannot change fate

You see that
There's no one around
To hear your crying
You're lying
in a pool of your own tears

You know that
No matter what you do
You'll keep on hiding
And riding along with the ceiling, it's coming down

Do you feel that?
A sensation unlike any that I've known
Choices I've come to regret
Chances that I've went and blown
But I have to look ahead
I can't let the past get me down
Look forward to the fall of this building
The ceiling's coming down
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