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Lyrics to The Careless Ones
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Gold coloured skin Burn it up, soak it in Then choose what you will Live it up, soak it in Where is the time, time for a second chance Where is the end of it all Let's take a ride Ride on the cannibal Take your place in the sun 'Cause we've become the careless ones And I can't change For all it's worth, for all its gain I remain, I remain Pleasure was had Pleasures impossible at such a high price to pay Feeling the ground accelerate away You're left on your own In the end Sand stuck to my feet In the car and on the seat But there's no car and there's no seat But when I look in front of me That's what I see, that's what I see And I can't stop now No, I can't stop now When I feel my skin it's burning up So I run Gold coloured skin Burn it up, soak it in So clean...

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