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Lyrics to The Burrow
Welcome to the burrow
My life works design
So happy you could join us that you’ve spared us your time.
Can’t wipe the smile, this stupid grin off my face
So blissful and tiny, perfect to disgrace
I can smell it, I love the taste of your fear
Scream all you want there’s no one around to hear
We are live now, And you are the main Star
Stripped you buck naked, tied up, wear the scars.

Tears fall, pure gold, payers to see
Accept your fate, no escape from the monster in me.

The deep web hides, the burrows cries
Uncovered secrets, Searching through the abyss

We’re going to watch you burn
Pour The Gas, Strike The Match, No return
Another innocent lost
Raped, Tortured for your sick lust
Light The Fire, light the fire, Court adjourned.

I’ve hit record and this dark world can see
Your pain and torment, the gift you’ll give to me
My composed hands grip you like a corset.
You shall not forget, the haunting contempt

Whip cracks and blood gushes from your wounds
There’ll be no answers to your prayers
10,000 per view of forced entry
Red Room of worst nightmares has come true.

So many nights i had to witness the anguish
Your victims, bound and screaming out for help

You’re just another demon karma will vanquish
Their justice will be served, your evil days are done

Skin Melts, The torture pure agony
How’s it feel to be one with the flames
No remorse, you never showed empathy
we’ll disgrace your charred remains.
Songwriters: James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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