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Lyrics to The Breakup Song (sundays Always Suck)
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She broke my heart on Sunday night, so I didn't go to school
I saw her Monday afternoon and I didn't know what to do
I wanted to go up to her, and get down on my knees
Wanted to tell her that I loved her and that she's all I'll ever need
She's all I thought about for days on end, often cried myself to sleep
I guess it was just mixed signals, I got myself in too deep
She said it definitely wasn't me, that she just needed to be alone
But I've had enough of being by myself and being out here on my own

It sucks to know that you're not wanted
And not good enough for some girl
The trouble was that I still was wanted
And that girl was my whole world
I thought about her constantly
I wanted to break down and cry
The pain was the worst Idd ever felt
Just wanted to give up and die

She said she needed to be by herself and make sure she could survive
She didn't want the pressure of boys making her sad and cry
But she said we'd still be friends and that she'd be there just for me
But friends can become lovers and friends can become enemies
I didn't want that to happen to us, I loved her like no one else
I didn't understand she loved me too, she just needed to find herself

It sucks to feel like you're a loser
And can't get a break at all
It sucks when she says you're not a loser
And is there to break your fall
But falls were not all that she had broken
I loved her oh so much
My heart was among the wreckage
With all the settled dust

She broke my heart on Sunday night, and I still haven't forgot
She's on my mind still, day & night; she's still all that I want
My life's a giant breakup song, from beginning to the end
But I don't mind the breakup, if she'll still hold my hand
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