The Boys Of Mutton Street Lyrics

Richard Thompson

Front Parlour Ballads

Lyrics to The Boys Of Mutton Street
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Strolling down on Mutton Street
The moon is peeping through
Old wives say, Young Man, you'd better
Watch your Ps and Qs
But life is good on Mutton Street
If you know the why and where
Romping on the bombsites
There's magic everywhere

We're the boys of Mutton Street
Mutton Street, Mutton Street
We're the boys of Mutton Street
We give no ground

We came upon those Burley boys
They were shaking like a leaf
We had our stones and dusters
We were armed right to the teeth
We fired a friendly volley
And we only maimed a few
And quick as greasy lightning
They disappeared from view

Now Bonfire Night it was a sight
The bonfire, how it blazed
It nearly set the street alight
So they called the Fire Brigade
The Fire Brigade got busy
But we cut the hoses clean
And suddenly the Mutton Boys
Were nowhere to be seen

Alky on the corner
Shell-shocked fusilier
Tip him a little drink, he'll get you
Cigarettes and beer
Thomas Tapling Senior
Got soda pop and news
Scott and Son's got toys for boys
But they push their Christian views
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