Lyrics to The Bomb Dot Com V2.0
The Bomb Dot Com V2.0 Video:
Just open up like a page in a book.
These words that I'm writing wont be misunderstood
if I'm dishonest bring me back to my knees.
Show me why I'm even able to speak.
I'll testify please help me to see.
Don't close your eyes, keep your eyes on me.
Open up, open up now make me strong.
There's blood on my hands, but the killers not my enemy.
It's all for the sake of love, It's all for you.

When all we know is falling I'll save something for you you who are all alone.
When everything is beautiful, when everything's OK.
Even if it's not OK I'll say It's all for you.

These hands hold up nothing but scars underneath
From swimming these oceans and learning to breathe
So often I tell them so often they listen to me
So make me strong
Theres blood on my hands
But the killers not my enemy
It's all for the sake of love
It's all for you


I can feel it in my fingertips
I can taste it in the air
I know some how there is something
There is something new
I see it so clearly
I can feel your hands on my fingertips
I'm seeing oh so clear
I know it's for you
I see so clear

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