The Bloody Bucket Lyrics

Grey DeLisle

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Lyrics to The Bloody Bucket
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The bloody bucket's empty
Just a barmaid, me and you
And I know I don't belong here but there's nothing left to do
On a lonesome Lubbock evening, so I conjured up a plan
To break my heart just one more time with one more lowdown, dirty man

If your watered down tequila's fueled a thirst for stronger stuff
Then this dark and hungry look here in my eyes might be enough
To complete the final chapter in a damned dog-eared plan
To break your heart just one more time with one more scarlet woman

Break my heart
The sweetest, ripest part
Break my heart
Fever stops where trouble starts
If you're looking for a fire darlin' let me be the spark
You look like a good way to break my heart

I'm the girl with eyes the color of your bruised and broken soul
You can hide your drunken breath behind my tresses black as coal
I can dream about tomorrow waking up with you at dawn
Even though we both know that by tomorrow you'll be gone

As the two-step spins us faster my mind's spinning even more
Past a hundred phantom faces of the ones who came before
On the jukebox Sleepwalk's cryin' 'til you whisper, "I need you"
And I feel my poor heart dyin', breakin' like it needed to
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