The Blood Runs In Rivers... Lyrics


Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Lyrics to The Blood Runs In Rivers...
The Blood Runs In Rivers... Video:
[Lyrics and Music by Maniac Neil]
[Based on the movie: "Driller Killer"]

In, to, this, church, to see a man,
Who knows he could be my dad,
Sign of the cross I look over and watch him pray,
He touched my head and I ran away,

"Who knows some bum degenerate wino."

Hurry up and pick up Pam at the club and lets go!
I wake up in the morning to the sound of a drill
Foreshadowing my future and my need to kill,
The bills are piling up and I'm going insane,
I throw the phone out the window but it's the same,

Nightmares haunt my mind, I think I'm losing it,
My faggot art dealer won't give me any more money I'm behind on the rent,
I'm trying to finish this painting, my girlfriend is giving me shit,
All that anybody wants is money, rivers of blood is what they'll get!

One night I was watching TV with the girls,
As usual there's nothing on but shit,
Then an ad came on for a great new product,
The amazing belt called the 'Porto-Pak!',

The band that moved up stairs plays all fucking night!

Psychotic fantasies, blood red visions,
I'm reaching my breaking point,
I complain to the manager about the noise,
But he tells me that it doesn't bother him,

Instead he gives me a skinned rabbit to eat,
I take a knife and stab it in the head!

20 bucks in my hand, I buy the fucking 'Porto-Pak',
Talking voices in my head, drill bit tearing homeless flesh,
Killing spree has begun, use my drill like a gun,
Cleaning up the street trash, drill 'em in the fucking back!

No I'm not a 'fix it man', my electric drill tears up your guts!

Bus stop bum get ready to die! Swirling metal rips your spine!

[Leads: Maniac Neil]

Running though the streets, my drill in hand,
Randomly killing anyone I can!
I find this hobo sleeping on a garbage heap,
I drill into his skull and wake him from his sleep!

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

The buffalos finished but Dalton fucking hates it,
Carol gets pissed and calls him a 'faggot',
She's finally fed up and goes back to her ex,
I call Dalton up with the promise of sex,

Dressed in drag, my drill is long and ready,
Impaled to the door, Pam is freaking out and screaming,
Now it's Carol's turn to die as I sneak into the house,
She takes a hot shower as I drill into her spouse,
Off goes the lights as she climbs into bed,
She has no fucking clue, but she'll she soon be dead,
Keep asking for Stephen, but his corpse is on the floor,
Now you'll feel my drill you dirty fucking whore!!!
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