Lyrics to The Black Light Cleansing
The Black Light Cleansing Video:
It seems that I have been gone for far too long.
This place was once my home, why am I a stranger?
Nineteen years and thousands of miles I have traveled.
I've finally realized where I need to be.
For the first time I see what I have done to this world.

I've been hunted like an animal,
shot at in the streets,
robbed sons of their fathers,
and unleashed this disease,
all in what I thought was noble.
What I believed was right.
But now my eyes are open
and the truth is far too bright
for me to face directly.
I'm blinded by the shame.
What will happen to my family?
What will happen to my name?
I've consumed all your memories.
They now belong to me!
Your armies can't contain me!
I can promise you one thing...


I can't wash the filth away
I can't cleanse the blood from my hands.
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