Lyrics to The Black And Tans (Ireland
The Black And Tans (Ireland Video:
The British army is coming over the hill again.
To burn the village shop, take the bread and lock you up.
Those hardened soldiers have been fighting now for seven long years.
They've seen the horror of the Flanders fields and brought it to the Galway hills.

Lieutenant-Colonel Smyth, has passed the order he has said:
?Sinn Fein has had its sport, now you may break them with the sword.
Commandeer their houses, let them rot and shoot them if they don't
Raise their hands fast enough, the more you shoot the more we'll get to own.?

The lasting legacy of the Black and Tans and Auxiliaries,
Is fear, distrust and pain, that even now still remains.
And the atrocities committed, have led to those embittered,
Carrying on the troubles still today.
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