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Lyrics to The Bitter Half Of Me
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She doubts my love
While I'm on Fire
She feels like the only
When I'm a lier.

But now she's gone
Along, with my love.

How little things
Can make the man feels like god.
But how few things
Can make the woman feels that love.

And now I am an empty space
A hollow shell without a face.
The bigger half of me is torn away
The bitter half of me is on display

All the flowers, all the candles
Are replaced by cigarettes and bottles.
Stupid deeds word unspoken
And now my heart is broken.

See me standing frustrated
See me standing reject
Just a shadow wit no name.
My eyes are turning red
Blood rushes to the head
All efforts are in vain.

Bitter man ot the edge
His life has turned into ash
His love has gone away.
Trying hard not to think
Thoughts on drinking an sink
Sink down in his hate.

That's me........and the bitter hurt.
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