Lyrics to The Big Finish
The Big Finish Video:
Out of my way, spare the formalities
Clear the path to my proofed assets
I've got windmills to joust,
And an audience of swooning guests
I've only got so much time to lose some culture tonight
I've only got so much time

The record of my exploits will be told for days and days
You don't have to wear the armor to bear the flag

Step aside, avert your eyes
Show some respect and count yourself blessed
To bear witness to tales of chivalry
To be written tonight

You're the only one out of costume in this masquerade
The glamour is lost on the rest of us

You have not yet learned the trade of a celebutant
If you get by on coattails, you'd be foolish to buy the suit

Everything you ever wanted is here
In the form of every camera in the room

I dare you to forget me as you stagger through the crowd
My name resonates in every bottle
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