The Best Paved City Fails Lyrics

Rendering Logan

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Lyrics to The Best Paved City Fails
The Best Paved City Fails Video:
This city skylines
Resembles the siloette of your face
And oh so many curves from the frowns
And dirty looks you glare me
I will face away
So I won't show regret

Oh so many years of walking these streets
And Sidewalks

Even the bright lights of the builings
Dont match up to the brightness of your eyes
And you can't get rid of the hate you leaft in this city
The suburbs filled color black
You're the ghost man now
Everyone denies your name
Cause everyone burns from you
I hate the pupils that stare so still
And the light shines on this city
Melting pavement
Everyone runs for cover
They can't handel the heat of the light
Your head held high and youre thoughts
With intensions so bad
And Hate fills the city
That nobody wants to live in
Fucking murderers don't come here
You're just as bad as one
And they have bigger hearts then you
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