Lyrics to The Best Ever
The Best Ever Video:
The Best ever Fancy me, if you want to be like me![x2] Say that you like me because there is no problem, The only problem ever is, If you are a very locked person, And you never say what you mean, You will not get any friends, So just fancy me, Fancy me, if you want to be with me![x2] You say sorry, you say ?hey?, I asked what is the matter, Then you just say ?oh its nothing? , But that is the wrong way to say, If you are saying hey I like you, If you are saying I want to be your friend, But you are just saying, Couldn?t we maybe, Do this or to that, I want you to say, But you only think in your mind, So open your mouth, This shit sucks me off, Fancy, me![x2] You want to be my friend, But now you created a hate on you, From me to you, Just run away or I will break, Every bone in your body, Say that you want to be with me, Or let me be, You sucker, Strike off, let me be![x2] Or want you to be, Like me?

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