Lyrics to The Beloved
The Beloved Video:
In this black hole my live will end
With rats as witness, forgotten whore
Never knowing my unborn eyes
The father is far now, he maybe died

Forsake by human, forsake by god
Your birth was painful and your live was short
My final vision reveal my curse
Through deeds I walk till my release

Father I'm back now
From glorious battle
My star shall rise now
But where is my beloved

Last miles my horse flies
Through well known grey hills
In front my castle
But where is my beloved

I came in joyful hope
But now I see dark flags
O tell my father who has reached the arms of death

O son this tragedy is endless
We don't know what we raise
Your loved had end her live
And our seems lost too

Damned are these words
I never want to hear
Damned are you too
And all I'm seeing here
Your soul shall dwell forever
Between these cursed walls
Hearing every day the last beats of her heart
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