Lyrics to The Believer
The Believer Video:
To be all the way my self now you can see
when the snow falls down in places full of me
i would only want to hide into your soul
leaving all my thoughts in a time where all is gone

there is not one thing to blame than my own faults
there is an entire space i keep for my own soul
it is hard i know it's hard it's hard i know
it is life that keeps you caged into your own

when you stand for a new sun
and you know what to see
doesn't matter for instance
what is old what you want to see
not another dimension
or trick for the brave
leaving all of these questions
for its hard
to say another way
but for you a believer
it is not hard to see
giving answers to question
that you never even want to hear
it is only a matter of a fact can't you see
not a difficult answer
that is all what is left to see
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