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Forever I Rise

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Lyrics to The Beginning Of The End
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Caught in the very web i've spun
my emotions are eating me form the inside out
what i face now seems impossible
i can only one by one tear the deciet from my eyes
from every tear that hits the ground
a new hope is born
the fear of the consequence
will no longer hold me back from who i could be
as the days pass by and my convictions grow louder
my true friends will be there by my side
this is a test that will shape my soul
and prove if i'm not worthy
if i fail this time
it'll be the last time
the faint image in the mirror
is slowly fading
reflecting now what it truly should
though i do not know the final outcome of this epiphany
the one thing i do know
the only true thing i know
is that if i fail this time
it will be the last time
i'm dead
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