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Lyrics to The Basics (Alright)
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Peasant like a peacock, hesitant like heroine
I barrel down whatever barrel's aiming at me
How sick? All sick all three-sixty-five days in ways
Radio plays, don't relay, don't behave, fuck 'em
We been without 'em, couldn't need anything less
Ate what they feeding, still hate to feel it, digest
They, they're like "Get it while it's good
Get it on demand, get it just to get it now
Get it while you can, live a little, ay"

We don't want nothing from no one
We don't need nothing you're selling
We don't see anything moving
We don't have the time
We just need something to eat
We just need some place to sleep
We need the basics and baby we are gonna be
Alright [x8]

Hah, they can't do nothing for you man (sorry)
Keep talking heads, just work that wordplay while you can
They'll listen too, huh? Break 'em if you can
Sleepwalking ain't really a hobby, it's just so damn eaaaaaasyyyy to get good
Beat up a bag, eat, key a Hum-V
Draw something pretty on some really, really nice things
Can't take it with 'em can they? Can't break that rhythm can they?
Chewing Chantix or handling madness, cramming that baggage


[Instrumental section]

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