Lyrics to The Baptist
The Baptist Video:
"The Baptist"By Tom RappI knew a man, he always dressed in ragsI travelled with him when I was still a childHis constant companion, I always did rideThe good book went with him, thru devil wind and sageThe pages were yellowed and tumbled-down with ageThe mark of his fingers was on every pageIn desert dry country towns, the people would comeFrom sin and confusion, to him they would runAnd wait by the river for the spirit of GodHe would lead them into the river while old hymns were sungAnd heaving and lashing and speaking in tonguesHe'd drown that old devil before he was doneHe would listen to the river and talk with the crowdAnd grace rose above them like a shining white cloudHe'd say catch you some magic and you got hold of GodI was much older when the desert set inHe couldn't hear the river and it couldn't hear himHis faith and his money and he, they grew thinHe traded the good book for some road maps and thenAll of thoes highways they just spread up around him like netsAnd I guess that he got lost and he got tangled up in themHe lost hold of magic, people laugh, the say he lost the callBut every day I see old men like mountains and they just crumble and they fallAnd I don't know what these days are doing to us all

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