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Lyrics to The Ballad Of Mary
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My fingers touch the solid stones Strong an cold, they keep me from home Imprisoned like a wingless dove Far away from the land I love Lonely days count lonely years I have cried a thousand tears All that I tried to gain Is lost the effort was invane At Carberry hill I lost my crown My husband fled, my luck went down In Englands hands I fell 18 years a living hell The scottish crown belongs to me Yet I´m bound I can not flee With ironclaws England holds tight All is lost no chance to fight Silence-Silence everywhere COLD WALLS ARE MY REWARD LONELYNESS ENGULVES MY SOUL I`VE BEEN TRUE I GAVE MY HEART STAINED TEARS I CRIED I LONG TO BE FREE AGAIN TO WALK IN PEACE AGAIN SCOTLAND CRIES HER QUEEN IS LOST AGONY`S HER FRIEND AGAIN

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