Lyrics to The Ballad Of Killaloe
The Ballad Of Killaloe Video:
Today I drove to Killaloe
and I thought of you
Drifting through the hills of Spain
Oh God I'd love to see you again
I crossed the bridge to Ballina and
there you are
At least it looks like you in the rain
outside the crowded bar
But what would you be doing here
when you're far too busy wrestling
with your own fear
But it wasn't me who smashed your
heart remember in the first place
Now I'm glad that I'm packing for
New York to get away
It'll do me good
Oh it'll sort me out, so my friends say
But will we never walk the hills of
Tipperary or look across at Clare
Standing so close together in the
evening how can it be fair
You see I just can't turn this stuff off
'Cause you took the key
When you left that Sunday morning
you know you stole a part of me...
So next time I drive to Killaloe remind
me not to think of you
Have you grown your hair?
Do you still smoke?
Have you kissed someone...else?
Today I drove to Killaloe
and I missed you...
C'mon now pull yourself together,
take a deep breath,
count from one to ten
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