The Ballad Of George Collins Lyrics

Sam Lee

Ground Of Its Own

Lyrics to The Ballad Of George Collins
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George Collins walked out one May morning / When May was all in bloom / And who should he see but a fair pretty maid / A washing her white marble stone

She whooped she hollered she called so loud / She waved her lilywhite hand / Come hither to me George Collins cried she / For your life it won't last you long

Then he rode home to his father's own house / And loudly knocked at the ring / Arise, arise dear father he cried / Rise and let me in

Oh arise, arise dear mother he cried / Rise and make off my bed / Arise arise dear sister he cried / Get a napkin to tie round my neck

For if I should die tonight / As I suppose I shall / Please bury me neat that white marble stone / That lies in fair Ellender's hall

Fair Ellender sat all in her hall / Weaving her silks so fine / And who should she see but the finest corpse / That ever her eyes shone on

Fair Ellender called unto her head maid / Whose corpse is this so fine / She made her reply George Collins' corpse / An old true love of mine

Oh put him down my little brave boys / And open his coffin so wide / That I may kiss his red ruby lips / Ten thousand times they've kissed mine

This news being carried to fair London town / Wrote on London gate / Six pretty maids died all in one night / 'Twas all for George Collins' sake

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