Lyrics to The Awakening
The Awakening Video:
I feel like a mess again
What is the outcome of this life?
I guess I never had a chanse to change.
I never really found my way.
By not feeling welcomed, by anyone that drags me in.

Can we make it out alive,
Can we break out from the crowd?
I always knew that fault lines falls apart

While breaking free,
I woke up to find my limbs
Crawling out of this box
Throw me back inside

I am just a fallen victim
Of nothing but this fucked up place
I would do anything
To get a hold of myself

Well this is nothing to be afraid of.
I've been lost like this before
It always seems to work out.

So pull yourself together,
You look much better
On your own, than by my side.
I always had a way to fall for you
But not anylonger, no not anymore

Cause tides are moving in
With new strenght to my bones
And I feel alive, for the first time in my life.
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