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Night Visions

Lyrics to The Autumn Believer
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Autumn smokin' field
Colored existence
Warm images of gold
Near is the winter door

I saw a light by watching you
And for an instant I realised

Is the dark coming around now?
Cause your eyes look so sad
For too long now I lived this
We have to smile at the sky of death

So run with me through
Good and hard times
There's something more
Inside the elements, I'm sure

Medieval chants, infinite sparks
Oh ancient Greece, eternal beauty
The first trigger, industrial birth
The progress of science doesn't mean anything
Dragons in the sky, the Middlearth
The highlanders the Gods, worlds inside of us
So run with me through good and hard times
There is something more, we'll always be alive

Hey bride we are the one!

Run with me, Can't you see?
Hands of God we are, look around
Hear the sounds on the wall oh bride [*]
Destiny, Reality, Stars in the sky we are
Legend and prophecy, sunset down oh bride
Because we are the one!

* "We must let nothing pass us by
We must take whatever we can
Even if we commit a small injustice
We must let nothing pass us by
Life is too short
Death inevitable." [S. Freud]

Magic alchemy
In the beauty of this day
Bride: we'll never really leave
Every doubt flies away
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