The Art Of Love Lyrics

Neil Diamond

Melody Road

Lyrics to The Art Of Love
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She said, "It's time to teach you the art of love."
She said, "We're gonna reach to the heart of love
A place you never knew;
A place that lives somewhere inside of you."

I know I'm on a journey I won't forget
I know I had it in me to give and yet I never could before
I had to, if I wanted to be yours.

You made me see I'd have to be a brand new man
He lives in me, so here in me is where I began.

You showed the kind of lesson I can't erase
You showed a way to get from that lonely place
To where love comes alive
And you'd be waiting there when I arrive.

The truth was clear
Love's not a place you go to find
It lives in here
Just leave it space, give it time

I learned that I could stumble and maybe fall
I learned in being humble I'd have it all
A brand new way to live
That love's not what you have but what you give
And the art of love is who you share it with.

(Thanks to Jim Davidson for these lyrics)
Songwriters: NEIL DIAMOND
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