The Arrival Of Apollonius Lyrics


Beloved Antichrist

Lyrics to The Arrival Of Apollonius
The Arrival Of Apollonius Video:
Hear me now
Greet the one approaching you
One man so amazing from the dawn of time
Master of the eastern light

Wisdom from afar
Answering the stars
Guiding to embrace
Every human eye collecting secret wonders from grace

Tell us more

He is the answer

To our restless minds
Gazing through the blindfolded eyes of pride

Sorcerer of dreams
Bringing magic
Sailing on the seas deep to purify all that we have seen with rivers between

Sorcerer we find thee beautiful and mighty
Serpent of temptation, what will your creation be?
Foreign is your flower in our sleeping garden
Sparkling from the diamonds we can't see

And never so strong we admire, envy who you are
Immensely your strength and pride

Mighty one, come to me
Might one mine shall be now

Marching into heaven through the use of magic
Meeting our savior
Has he maybe sent for him?
Everything will silence in the final moment
Ready to behold him and to dream

Soon awaken and then we will...

Carry home colors from the sun

Eyes in shadows, sleeping has still...

...come to pass, dreaming has begun
Great shining star!

In the sky bright you are

Everything changes and flows
Magical man, we are part of your plan
And shall be flowing again
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