Lyrics to The Anvil Song
The Anvil Song Video:
Yakko : An anvil's black and shiny Dot : It's very heavy too Wakko : So watch out, my chubby friend YW+D : Or one will fall on you! Baloney: (spoken) On me? Heh hah huh huh! (CLANG!) Dot : (spoken) That wasn't pretty. Yakko : But it had to be done. Baloney: Heh huh huh huh huh! Great song! Heh huh huh huh! Neato completo yippie! Wakko : It's unstoppable!!! Yakko : Call in the National Guard! Dot : Or Tonya Harding's bodyguard! Baloney: Let's sing it again! I lovey-dovey loved it! YW+D : OK! Yakko : It's made of solid iron Dot : It weighs a ton or two Wakko : We know you'd like to meet it YW+D : It wants to meet you too! Baloney: Huh hu-- (CLANG!) Baloney: (spoken) Yay! Let's do it again! Yakko : Now it's gettin' scary.

Songwriters: HASTINGS, PETER
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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