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Lyrics to The Anglo-saxons
The Anglo-saxons Video:
john: "we'd like to dedicate this song to our friends, the former
inhabitants of the british isles!"

they used to paint their bodies blue
a couple of them might be distantly related to you.
according to ceasar they shaved their entire bodies,
except for the upper lip and the head

yeah, the anglo-saxons
yeah, the anglo-saxons
a sub-literate bunch of guys,
though some sources say otherwise.
yeah, the anglo-saxons

yeah, they were men on a mission,
preserving their poetry by oral tradition
yeah, oral tradition is all you get
until saint augustine brought in the alphabet.

yeah, the anglo-saxons
yeah, the anglo-saxons,
in 1065 they were ragin'
but 1066 brought the norman invasion.
yeah, the anglo-saxons

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