The Almighty Ten Lyrics


Like Kids In A Field

Lyrics to The Almighty Ten
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I think you'd never believe what i'm thinking above
If my action just happens to elude them, then i'll do it again!
I don't know what they think they might do? And i don't care more than you
It's all over, i get rid of my tension, and i won't do it again
It's alright, it's really alright
Yeah it's ok, i said it's really ok
Won't you ever listen to what i have to say?
And i say; who am i talking to?
It's the almighty ten!!
Do these people care about your problems
They don't even know how!
And do they listen when you're about to shut down
Man, they just bring you down
Ten is powerful, ten is amazing
I think it's perfect anyway!
If i had a choice i would take it
In my mind, this is it!!!
And i say; who am i talking to
It's the almighty TEN!
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