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Third and Double

Lyrics to The Alchemist
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Some folks love in confusion
Want an easy solution
Walk with eyes shut wonderin' why they bump into walls
Can't see no real love at all

But our love ain't no kinda magic
Ain't no tarot cards, don't work no charms
Some people just can't undersand it
Want an easy fix, gotta give to get
Said it ain't no kinda magic
No potion in a jar, no readin' stars
Ain't no lovin' only halfway, it's another love I'm thinkin' of

Some folks say 'I love you truly'
(while the sun still shines)
Until the weather gets gloomy
(then it's goodbye)
But I won't run for cover when raindrops fall
I want you, I want it all


You want it, you need it
Know it when you see it
Eyes open all the way

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